Founder and entrepreneur Guy Osler is the driving force and vision behind Overberg Food Distributors.

In 1992, he started in the industry selling venison meats with one bakkie, one employee and a chest freezer in his garage. Overberg Foods Distributors was born! His dedication to his customers and ability to establish solid relationships with a growing list of suppliers saw the company establish itself as a serious player in the industry.

In 2008, Guy built his own DC cold storage facility in Philippi and the business grew from strength to strength. As buying volumes increased Guy was able to command better buying prices offering his customers top competitive rates. Now, Overberg Foods has established itself as one of the leading independently owned food wholesalers and distributors in the country.

His passion and belief in his company values of Honesty and Integrity has seen Guy become one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the food industry.

Guy’s resilience through tough economic times and ever-optimistic attitude has seen the company expand further by opening a branch in PE to service the Eastern Cape.

Our strategic distribution locations in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth enable us to quickly and reliably deliver products to our customers across Southern Africa. We buy, store, sell, and deliver a selection of over 700 of products. Our office-based sales team have a total commitment to customer service and are dedicated to making it happen and resolving any problems. Our on the road sales reps provide face to face service to new customers ensuring that we understand what products they need.

Company Values

At Overberg Food Distributors we have five core values.


We stand behind the quality of our products. We do what we say we will and we strive for excellence and quality in everything we do.

Customer Focus

We have a passion for service. We strive to achieve success by exceeding our customers’ expectations in service.


We take responsibility for both actions and outcomes.


We believe to be successful we must operate with honesty, responsibility, and trust.


We work to build a positive team spirit, collaborate and complement each other to accomplish a common goal.

Fleet & Facilities

about-2We run a fleet of 28 delivery trucks ranging from 1 – 14 ton and our distribution area continues to expand along with our customer base.

We operate out of a primary distribution cold storage based in Philippi with a frozen capacity of 1 500 palettes and a chiller capacity of 50 palettes, we also have an additional facility in Killarney Gardens with a frozen capacity of 1 000 palettes while our PE base has a frozen capacity of 500 palettes.